​​2020 Officers

President:               Randan Vincent          Ph# 435-828-1116              E-mail:   
Vic President:      Adam Percival              Ph#435-828-4158              E-mail:    adampercival76@gmail.com
Secretary:              Tamara Vincent           Ph#435-790-9458             E-mail:    rvranch@easilink.com                   

2020  Area Directors


The following is a list of Directors, their contact numbers and Areas they represent -

Cody Wilkins                                 790-4750         Diamond Mt   

Adam Percival                              828-4158         Book Cliffs  

Nolan Batty                                  790-6126         Diamond Mt

Quentin Johnson                       790-3924          Taylor Mt

Ritchie Anderson                       790-4833         Ashley Valley

Randan Vincent                          828-1116         Blue Mt

Vance Merrell                              828-4457         Brush Creek    

Cory McNeil                                790-3552         West Side

Jon Murphy                                828-6552         Dry Fork/Deep Creek

Tamara Vincent                         790-9458         Jensen

Jessy Mckee                             621-7081         Randlett

Shawn Labrum                         828-7779         At large

John Mathis                             828-8570         At Large