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"I believe this is a win for the live stock owners and cattlemen., thanks Rep Scott Chew"

Jake Wilkins-Jensen Utah.

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Utah Gov. Signs Drone Livestock Harassment Bill into Law.

H.B.217, a bill that keeps unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operators from “harassing” livestock.

by chief sponsor Rep. Scott Chew, R-District 55, and floor sponsor Sen. Don Ipson, R-District 29, the legislation says “a person is guilty of harassment of livestock if the person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly chases or otherwise disturbs the peace of livestock” via UAS. The bill also covers harming livestock via motorized vehicles/ATVs and dogs.

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Tuesday. AUG 25, 20202 6:30 pm. Naples City Park.

SUMMER BBQ-Join us for Fun and Food.